A piece of land meant to shed light on those who lost their lives in one of Canada’s deadliest mining disasters has been damaged by motorists.

Westray Miners Memorial Park in New Glasgow, N.S., is turning 25 years old this year. It was built a year after the disaster that killed 26 miners.

But now the park is in need of repairs after vehicles were driven over the property. 

“People are driving around the gate onto the lawn now, and it's causing expense and no end of frustration,” says Allen Marin, who lost his brother Glenn in the mining tragedy.

Glenn Martin’s body was one of 11 never recovered. Some believe they're somewhere under the park.

Allen Marin is frustrated with the amount of disrespect being shown to his brother’s resting place.

“Early on most of the problems were the kids. Garbage, they wouldn't pick up. Now it's parents – the parents who come and pick up the kids,” he says.

The park is metres away from a high school. Martin believes it's only a few people causing the problems, but he wants it to stop.

Martin is raising money to build a fence that keeps people from driving onto the park. He estimates it will cost about $7,000.

For him, it's a last resort.

“Drug dealers used to come in here, kids would meet them, so we put lights up. They said if we put signs up telling them park hours then after hours the RCMP and the local police could come in and chase them out. So we put signs up,” Martin says.

Martin is hoping to shine light on the issue so he can ensure his brother's light always shines.

“This should be a place you come, take your trash with you and respect the people that lost their lives.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.