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Halifax airport offers travel strategies during holiday season


At the Halifax Stanfield International Airport, passenger volume will soon ramp up, which means airport operators are offering some reminders to help ensure smooth travel.

“A lot of activity will increase here, particularly from Dec. 20 and the onward days,” said airport spokesperson Mikela Sani-Routledge.

According to Statistics Canada, in December 2022, major Canadian airlines carried 6.1 million passengers on scheduled and charter flights.

A busy airport connects to travel tip number one: Always arrive at the airport early.

“Because that is the starting point for success on your journey,” said Sani-Routledge. “It is important to check your flight status before you leave the house.”

Sani-Routledge urges travellers to always check-in online and arrive with plenty of time to navigate through what will likely be a busy airport.

The Halifax Stanfield International Airport is pictured during the holidays. (Paul Hollingsworth/CTV Atlantic)

Travel tip number two: Leave enough time for connecting flights.

“Most airlines won’t book you on anything that is too short of a connection, that wouldn’t set you up for success to make a connecting flight,” said Sani-Routledge.

The third holiday season travel tip: Adhere to Christmas gift packing protocols.

“Gifts should not be wrapped,” said Sani-Routledge.

If presents are wrapped, passengers run the risk of airport security workers opening the gifts to check what’s inside.

“Bigger, bigger, bulk things, put those in your checked bag so you can board the aircraft with just the items that you need,” said Sani-Routledge.

If they follow these basic rules, passengers will be positioned for stress-free travel.

“And then get where I need to go without stressing over it,” said holiday traveller Marcia Kissner.

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