The Nova Scotia Teachers Union has modified its work-to-rule directives, including allowing teachers to supervise some out-of-province trips.

The NSTU says trips "that have signed contracts involving money" can go ahead.

It also says members can use the information-management software known as PowerSchool for course changes and transfers, and to register students.

It says all co-op and alternative-learning "O2" courses and programs can proceed during school hours.

Parents and teachers met at Province House Thursday to reiterate their support for the teachers union. It’s the second press conference the Parents for Teachers group has held.

“I would like to state emphatically while I am here that my children are not suffering and are not hurting because of work-to-rule,” said Stacey Rudderham of Parents for Teachers.

Group members say they don't think government has bargained fairly. They want teachers to receive annual wage increases and keep their long service award - something that has not been agreed to in any of the three tentative deals.

“We think that the government can find the money,” said group member Trish Keeping.

They're also calling for major changes to classrooms, and they say those changes should be enshrined in the teachers’ contract.

“These teachers feel that they have no space to be creative in the classroom, that their life is being taken over by data input,” said Gavin Fridell of Parents for Teachers.

In the coming weeks, the partisan group is launching a social media campaign and website.

“The information that is getting out there through the press a lot of the times is more of the government's information,” Keeping said.

Teachers began a work-to-rule campaign on Dec. 5 that had a sweeping effect on school life across Nova Scotia, resulting in cancelled shows, trips and sports.

Teachers will vote on the latest agreement Feb. 8.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Sarah Ritchie and The Canadian Press.