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New documentary explores the increased number of white shark observations


A new documentary filmed in Nova Scotia by marine biologist and veterinarian Dr. Chris Harvey Clark explores the increased number of white shark observations in Canadian waters.

Clark said he has been a lifelong shark enthusiast.

“My dad and his father and his father grew up in the tropics in Jamaica and the Caribbean and so sharks were a way of life there. So I just grew up with shark stories and sharks basically being around us,” he said in an interview with CTV’s Katie Kelly on Tuesday.

The new documentary “Great White North” has been a project four years in the making, Clark said.

“This documentary is really razor-focused on white sharks and particularly all the factors that have led to the increased number of observations of white sharks, what we're seeing and why we're seeing it,” he said.

“It is what really happens in the field and it's not reality TV. It's what we really do when we're out there trying to study these animals.”

He said viewers will see up close encounters with white sharks.

“Visually this is mind blowing. I mean, we live in a dark murky ocean up here. This isn't the Caribbean. You don't have 100 foot visibility and what you will see are a lot of really close up encounters with some really big sharks and then some not so big sharks,” he said.

“Last year we had a couple of 16 footers and a 15 footer, and I'll tell you when you see a white shark that size it takes your breath away.”

While filming, Clark said they try to have a minimum impact on the animal’s environment.

“So we're really not trying to rope them, brand them, you know, all that stuff. We're really just trying to study the animals in their environment with the minimum impact on the animals.”

“I hope people will see the documentary for factual, interesting, a whole new thing, which is white sharks in Canadian waters,” he adds.

Shark Week on CTV Discovery kicks off Sun., July 7th, with “Great White North” premiering on Wed., July 10th. Top Stories

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