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Parenting guru gives tips to saving money during March break


March break is a time of year for kids to recharge, rest and relax a little bit, but it can also be stressful for parents who aren’t quite sure what to do with the little ones for a full week.

Brett Miller brought his three kids from Dorchester to Moncton Centennial Park on Monday for a little outdoor fun.

Miller said it’s a challenge keeping the kids occupied while not on vacation.

“One hundred per cent, yeah. My wife and I both work, so of course it’s tough for us to juggle the kids and just have time to actually go out and do stuff with them,” said Miller.

Damon Berriault also brought his family to the park for the first official day of the school break.

“Me and my wife took a week off for vacation. There’s a lot of free activities going on around the city. Today, we’re taking them to the park to burn some energy and have some fun,” said Berriault.

Moncton Public Library is pictured on March 4, 2024. (Derek Haggett/CTV Atlantic)

Parenting guru Jenna Morton has an extensive list of free, or inexpensive things to do in Fredericton and the Moncton area on her Pickle Planet Moncton website.

“There are a lot of families who have saved up, they have some stability and they’re enjoying a fantastic getaway this year and that’s amazing for them, but if that’s not where you’re at, that’s OK, said Morton.

Morton said libraries all around the region have activities planned every day this week, cinemas are having earlier than normal afternoon screenings and there’s skating at the Ian Fowler Oval next to the Avenir Centre.

A kid is seen skating at the Ian Fowler Oval on March 4, 2024. (CTV/Derek Haggett)

She said you don’t have to fly away to have family fun, a day trip can be just as good.

“A lot of times, especially for little kids, that’s just as exciting as going somewhere where they have to sit in a car for six hours or on a plane. You know, take a day trip to Fredericton and do indoor mini-putt. That’s something we don’t have in Moncton. Go to the aquarium in St. Andrews,” said Morton.

Morton also recommended Resurgo Place.

The Moncton Museum has special programing all week and a temporary exhibit on the theme of light called Lumen.

Resurgo Place heritage development officer, Sophie Auffrey, said it’s one of their busiest times of the year.

“It’s crazy, but we love it that way. It really brings life into this space. March Break is pretty bumping in here,” said Auffrey.

Like Morton, Auffrey said you don’t have to head south to enjoy the week.

“There’s lots of things here in Moncton to do. If you go on the City of Moncton’s Facebook page, and on their website, they have a list of things people can do here in Moncton and we’re a part of it,” said Auffrey.

Debbie Leger brought her daycare class all the way from Cap-Pelé.

“March break is very long. Children are very curious and this is the best place to be for them to explore and find new things,” said Leger. “I’ve never come. This is my first time and it’s really interesting.”

For parents with small children, Morton recommends not overloading your schedule, as there’s nothing wrong with picking one, maybe two scheduled activities per day.

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