A family in Cape Breton is basking in the glow of a famous comedian and talk show host.

A photo of seven-month-old Brynn and her twin sister Avery wearing Easter bunny ears caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who shared it on social media. 

“Ellen shared it on her Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and they've had almost 500,000 views, likes and shares. It's insane,” said mother Tarra Walsh.

Walsh says a friend suggested sending the photo to the popular television talk show host a couple of weeks ago. The photo appeared on Ellen's Facebook page on Thursday.

Walsh then quickly ran to tell family and friends.

“I was weak when she came out of the room and said the babies’ picture made it to Ellen,” said grandmother Anne-Marie Brown. “I couldn't believe it.”

Walsh says the babies were born five weeks premature and made many trips to the IWK in Halifax.

Now healthy, this is their first Easter with family.

“It's amazing. They're so pleasant,” said Walsh. “We loved them and they put a smile on our face. For some other people to see them and put a smile on their face too is amazing.”

The family is hoping the photo will make it to television next week. But if not, they are still Cape Breton's newest celebrities.

The photo has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, with comments from people around the world.

“There's some comments there that are in different languages I can’t even read,” said Brown.

Walsh got the idea for the picture from Pinterest and it took some patience and coaching to get it perfect.

“When we were taking picture of them, you literally have to take 200 because you get one slouching, one crying, so it takes you a good 20 minutes to get a good one. That one when she held the eggs up to her chest, it was hilarious, I loved it,” Walsh said.

But Walsh and family didn't think the photo would reach as far as it did.

“They mean so much to us because there's two of them and they're beautiful,” said Brown. "I was just so amazed she picked that picture out of probably lots of other pictures that went in.”

At only seven months old, Brynn and Avery probably won't remember much about their first Easter. But friends and family certainly won't forget, and their mom will have a great memory to share with them when they’re older.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.