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Puppy buried in rubble in Halifax following Fiona finds loving new home with one of its rescuers

A puppy was found stuck under a pile of boulders at Frog Pond in Halifax after post-tropical storm Fiona hit the Maritimes.

Concerned citizens in the community quickly contacted 311 for assistance.

As a result, 10 firefighters responded and began digging to get her out.

“She was in good spirits. She jumped right up after we took her out and just snuggled in. She was looking for a spot to go other than back under those rocks,” said Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency Captain Adam MacNeil.

Crews say the puppy was scared by the number of people around watching the rescue mission. She quickly then jumped on MacNeil’s lap.

Firefighters then brought her to the HRM Redemption Centre, where they provided her with much TLC. After getting her cleaned up, the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) began searching for the owner.

“HRM has a 72-hour hold period. They provide lost and found services through 311, so if you lost your dog you would call and report that. Also, if you found an animal, you would report that. HRM then matches the report to connect lost pets with their owners,” said Karen Dewolfe, the manager of HRM Redemption Centre.

With many without power in the province, HRM extended their hold period but no one called to claim the young pup.

It wasn’t long until MacNeil stepped forward to adopt her. With many people in the Spryfield community posting about the puppy on social media, word circulated back to MacNeil’s family.

“My daughter was texting me when I got back to the station. I had missed calls from her saying that they already had names that they started picking out,” he said.

After the puppy is spayed and microchipped, she will then safely be delivered into the loving arms of her new forever family. Top Stories

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