Residents of Moncton’s tent city are allowed to stay at the site for one more day, due to the weather.

Residents were told Monday that they would have to vacate the premises on Albert Street no later than Wednesday.

However, the city said Wednesday that the rain is making it difficult for people to move, so they are extending the eviction order by a day.

Dozens of homeless people have been living in tents in the Albert Street area for months.

Those who set up their tents were eventually granted permission by the city to stay until a new homeless shelter opens its doors. That shelter, which was expected to open Aug. 1, has yet to set an opening day.

The site has prompted complaints from local residents and businesses, who expressed concerns about thefts, violence, and litter. In response, the city has been spending roughly $35,000 a month on security, lighting and portable toilets for the site.

Many people have moved out of tent city, but there were still 12 people at the site on Wednesday.

The city is urging those people to stay at an existing shelter or to find other accommodations to get out of the cold.

“A few have indicated that they want to go into shelter, a few others have indicated that they’re going to go with family or friends, so a reunification option,” says city spokesperson Isabelle LeBlanc.

City officials say beds are available at House of Nazareth and Harvest House, and they are encouraging residents to relocate to one of those shelters.