Saving Sammy

From the race track to a kill pen, a beloved horse finds his way home.

My favourite photo of Sammy: all four of his legs off the ground, flying. May 31, 2009, with Canadian Horse Racing hall-of-famer Ron Waples driving. (Photo: Jayson Baxter)

Saving Sammy: Part Two

Samspace’s success on the track, to his decline and disappearance.

Sammy spending a peaceful moment alone in the field at Serenity Acres.

Saving Sammy: Part Four

From an emotional reunion, to becoming leader of the herd

When Sammy was rescued his biggest issue was dehydration. In the first 15 hours after he was picked up, he drank gallon after gallon of water. (Courtesy: Kim Sloan)

Saving Sammy: Part Three

From facing certain death in a kill pen, to recovering on a Pennsylvania farm

Denny and Jayson Baxter with their beloved horse Sammy.

Saving Sammy: Part 5

From overcoming adversity, to helping others heal from their own traumas