A bit further from what's expected to be the centre of Hurricane Dorian, southeast New Brunswick is under a tropical storm warning.

Boats were being pulled from a marina in Shediac and people who live by the water are bracing for a potential storm surge. At the Point-du-Chene Marina, boat owners are getting ready for Dorian.

"I took the main sail off and the boat is turned facing where the heavy winds will come," said Bill Deniverville. "I put extra lines on, extra fenders on."

There was a similar scene at the Shediac Bay Yacht Club, where some members were pulling their boats out completely.

Staff were busy making sure the ones that do stay in sit tight.

"We've taken the bigger boats that are at the end of the docks and brought them closer to the shore here where they're more protected," said Gerry O'Brien, the general manager of the Shediac Bay Yacht Club.

It's not the first time the marina has been hit by Mother Nature. Back in 2010, a large storm surge demolished the marina.

There are now measures in place to mitigate the damage.

"The water can rise where those posts are, and the docks can start to lever the posts over," said Deniverville. "So they're attaching lines to the rocks on the other side, to hold the docks in place."

Corinne Frennette was up at the crack of dawn baiting traps and making up for time she'll lose this weekend.

"So we used about 700 pounds of mackerel and 250 fifty pounds of the silver side minnow-like fish and we put them in bait cups," Frennette said. "We baited heavy so those traps will sit at the bottom for the next couple days."

The hope now is that those traps don't shift away in the heavy seas.

"Well, its lost revenue," Frennette said. "We have to report the traps missing to fisheries."

Residents who live near the water are putting away their patio furniture and stocking up on food and water.

Many were concerned about potential flooding -- and waiting for Mother Nature to pass by and hoping that the damage will be minimal.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kate Walker.