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St. FX issued two summary offence tickets for failing to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions


St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, N.S. has been issued two summary offence tickets for failing to comply with the province's COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions.

During a live COVID-19 news conference on Friday, Premier Tim Houston said the tickets were issued to the university and the school's students' union, both in the amount of $11,622.50 – the maximum penalty that can be handed out.

"The offences stem from the failure to comply, specifically with masking requirements," said Houston.

In response to the ticket, Jack Irvin, StFX students’ union president, said “At this time, the StFX Students’ Union will not be commenting on matters before the court.”

In a statement from the university's president and vice chancellor, Andy Hakin, on Friday, it says, "A need for accountability is understood. We will learn where things went wrong. At this time, our focus remains on the immediate support of our students and the community; however, as mentioned in previous updates, we will be reviewing all aspects related to operations in the weeks ahead.

As of Friday, the university said 183 students have notified the school that they have tested positive for COVID-19, 29 of whom are within residence.

StFX has been at the centre of a COVID-19 outbreak following the school’s X-ring ceremony on Dec. 3.

The outbreak was declared by public health on Dec. 8.

In a statement on Dec. 11, Hakin offered his apologies to everyone affected within the community.

"I have heard from our students, faculty and staff, their families, business owners and residents of the town and county of Antigonish. I hear the worry in your voices, the concern and anxiety in your notes and I understand the anger that is being felt after working together for so long to get it right," read a release from Hakin.

Hakin went on to say those at the university "deeply regret the consequences of the activities which should have been celebratory occasions." Top Stories

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