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'That’s Isla': 10-year-old Nova Scotian girl starts podcast out of passion


A 10-year-old girl from Nova Scotia has started a project which follows a topic which she holds close to her heart.

Ten-year-old Isla Tompkins from Bedford has started “What If We…,” a podcast that follows her love for animals in hopes to highlight how important conservation efforts are for nature.

“I kind of just wanted to bring awareness to animals, and so I was just trying to find a way that was easy and in my house so I could just do it,” said Tompkins in a recent interview with CTV News.

Being an avid podcast listener herself, she eventually got the idea to start one of her own.

“I was just like, ‘Why don’t I start a podcast?’ and it’s really fun,” she said.

In “What If We…,” Tompkins follows a range of topics related to animal conservation, as well as solutions that listeners at home can do themselves.

The front page and bio of 10-year-old Isla Tompkins' podcast named "What If We..." (CTV/Mike Lamb)

“If they [animals] are endangered I tell people why they are endangered,” said Tompkins. “And then I add in ways that maybe you could help, like cleaning up your local beaches or something.”

“It’s kind of for kids, but anyone can listen to it,” said Tompkins

Tompkins's mom, Mal Ryan, says that the love for animals was something that Tompkins has always been passionate about.

“That’s Isla, what you see in the podcast, what you hear, her love of animals, and research, and how we can help, that’s been her since she could talk,” said Ryan.

As for the podcast, it’s mostly self-produced by Tompkins.

“She really takes it and does a job that’s incredible, and she does all the work herself, I help her a little bit on the tech part but it’s really wonderful to see her take something that she’s passionate about and put it into the world,” Ryan added.

Tompkins hopes the podcast will motivate viewers to take steps toward conserving nature. 

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