There was another graffiti spree in Halifax overnight and, once again, a Roman Catholic church bore the brunt of it.

Saint Mary's Cathedral Basilica was targetted with the now-familiar variation on the anarchy symbol.

Vandals also tagged a side door, the parking lot and some signage.

The entranceway to the Archdiocesan office around the corner was also singled out.

The archbishop was first to notice the damage when he went to work early this morning.

“We’re being targetted for sure,” said Anthony Mancini, Archbishop for the Diocese of Halifax-Yarmouth. “And not only are we being targetted, but it has to do with a religious institution, and it has to do with religious practices. And you're wondering in the end what people are trying to say. To those who have such religious perspectives and views.”

Halifax police spokesman John MacLeod said they have looked into the vandalism.

“Unfortunately, they’ve exhausted all investigative leads, and they have closed the file,” MacLeod said. “However, should any more information become available, they'd certainly follow that up as well.”

Vandals also tagged some property markers at the Halifax Grammar School and a stone wall and some signage at Saint Mary’s University across the street.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Bruce Frisko.