An audit of canteens at New Brunswick arenas has found a significant imbalance between what’s healthy and what isn’t.

Candy, pop, and potato chips were sold at almost every canteen counter audited.

“We saw the majority of drinks being sold in vending machines were sugar-sweetened beverages, so think lime sports drinks and pop,” says Michelle Decourcey of Recreation New Brunswick.

Decourcey says there are little to no options for spectators looking for a health snack.

“Most people rather eat healthy and you can't really do that here,” she says.

The audit says one in five canteens offered caffeinated energy drinks with sugar.

“The energy drinks they have around, I'm not so sure they should be here for the kids,” says arena attendee Rod Conroy. “I know the grandson, he'd probably drink the Gatorade before taking a bottle of water.”

Recreation New Brunswick says it's highlighting recreational buildings because they're generally the cornerstone of the community.

“We wanted to take the time to do a provincial scan of food service venues and vending machines in recreational facilities across the province,” says Decourcey. “Really, the sale of unhealthy food is really inconsistent with their general mandate as community hubs.”

The group says it would like to offer education and support in helping to make the healthier option the easier one.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Nick Moore.