The work of Canadian Blood Services is vital and the importance of being a blood donor can never be understated.

A married couple in Truro has never been able to give blood.

When it's blood donor clinic time in Truro, you can count on Jim Urquhart and his wife Barb to be there to volunteer.

“I got involved with it about 22 years ago,” said Jim Urquhart. “I'm a member of the Truro Lions Club and I (thought) it was something interesting, and I took it on.”

Barb Urquhart says she and her husband enjoy meeting people.

“And the people enjoy meeting us because we're friendly,” Barb Urquhart said.

More than friendly, Barb and Jim are dedicated to the cause. They take part in 25 mobile clinics a year, even though they're not able to be blood donors.

They give their time instead of giving blood.

“With my medication, I'm unable to give blood,” said Jim Urquhart.

Last month in Ottawa, the couple was presented with an award from Canadian Blood Services, as Atlantic Canada's honoured volunteers.

“It's out of this world, you know,” said Jim Urquhart.“We just … I couldn't stop telling people about it.”

Blood donors have their own personal reasons to give.

“I do it because I have twins,” said Debbie Harrison. “They're in their twenties now, but it was a high-risk pregnancy and we needed blood.”

The important work of volunteers does not go unnoticed.

“It's nice to see the friendly faces and have a chat with these people that come in and take their time out of their day to do it,” said donor Christie Giddens.

Harrison says they are “amazing people.” “They give of their time, and if it wasn't for them, how would this place run?” Harrison said.

Jim and Barb say they're not in it for awards or attention.

“If I can do something to help save a life some time, that's very important,” Jim Urquhart said.

Canadian Blood Services recently changed their slogan to “together we are Canada's lifeline” and that includes volunteers such as Barb and Jim Urquhart, as well as the many donors.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.