SYDNEY, N.S. -- While these are tough times for many businesses, there is one sector where demand is stronger than ever.

Glass companies can't keep up with the orders for those protective barriers we're seeing in many shops.

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Frank Lush has already put in a few 16-to-17-hour work days.

"Sunday afternoon, phone calls started rolling in," said Lush. "I've been putting in some long days so far."

The demand comes from across Nova Scotia and a lot of his jobs are cutting and installing protective glass barriers, for everywhere from banks to hospitals, to smaller businesses like the tire and vehicle repair shop where Allan Ley works.

"It's great for me," said Ley. "I do have a wife home who is very nervous about what's going on. It's great protection."

While so many other businesses are struggling during this pandemic, it's never been busier for Lush and some others in his industry.

It's a boom that, at least for him, was totally unexpected.

"As of Friday, I told all the guys. 'we're going to have to take off three or four weeks,'" Lush said. "And then, Sunday, I had to call everybody and say, 'I'm going to need everybody on hand.' So now, everybody's here, and if it keeps going the way it is, it's going to be crazy for a while."

While it has been great for him, Lush says it's still hard to see so many other local businesses struggling.

He says if COVID-19 drags on for another while yet, demand for his products could grow even more.

"If this becomes mandatory by occupational health and safety, then this could be beneficial not only to my business but to other glass companies out there," Lush said.

Even after the pandemic passes, some stores may make barriers like this a permanent thing.

"We're going to leave it up," Ley said. "It's going to be something just for protection for us anyway."

It's a silver lining -- for at least one line of work -- that's come from these unprecedented times.