The mother of an Acadia University student who disappeared without a trace in 1992 says more could be done to find out what happened to him.

Sarah MacDonald says she still thinks of her son, Kenley Matheson, every day.

"I still picture him being 20 years old,” MacDonald says. “Young and really cute."   

Kenley was last seen in September 1992, two weeks into his first semester at Acadia University. No one has heard from him since.

MacDonald has been tirelessly gathering information since his disappearance. After 20 years, she says she has asked RCMP to turn over some of the files in her son's case through Access to Information, but says she has been refused.

"The investigation never seems to come to a conclusion,” says MacDonald.

RCMP spokesperson Jennifer Clarke says as a rule, information is protected until a charge is laid. She says MacDoanld should contact police with any concerns about the investigation.

Cpl. Clarke is optimistic the new sketch will turn up a lead.

"We're releasing this information in order to help trigger peoples' memories about Kenley and his disappearance, and hopefully try to get more information about him," Cpl. Clarke says.

MacDonald is hopeful more attention will be brought to her son's case when a documentary on his disappearance is finally completed. It has been in the works nearly four years now, but she insists it will be finished.

"My faith is that somebody is going to break with the vital piece of information that I need to find out what happened to him," MacDonald says.

Even after all of these years, MacDonald still believes Kenley's case can be solved.

"It just drives me crazy,” she says. “Where could he go? What happened? The things that I know don't add up."

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.