Warm memories in the form of cards were being distributed at the Central Nova Women’s Centre in Truro on Tuesday in memory of Const. Catherine Campbell.

The cards ask people to perform an act of kindness for Campbell, who was murdered in Halifax in September while off-duty.

“I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea,” said Truro resident Shelley Benvie. “I think we should all be doing it on a daily basis, regardless whether we have a card or not.”

Mary-Jane Jeffery started the campaign. She says the idea has become a focal point of International Women’s Day.

“We look at gender parity, equality, all things Catherine believed in,” said Jeffery. “The project that that picture originated from was a project against violence against women and girls, and that's where Catherine came up with the kindness idea.”

After lunch, Jeffery hit the streets to spread the message even further. The centre had 2,500 kindness cards printed for distribution.

“Give a smile. Give a hug. Say hello. Say you look great,” said supporter Connie McGregor. “That means a lot to people because we don't know what's going on behind their hearts.”

Jeffery says the campaign has proven to be so popular she expects to run out of cards by the end of the week. The centre has already started fundraising for a second printing.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Dan MacIntosh.