A day after the New Brunswick government committed $50 million to a new provincial museum in Saint John, questions surround exactly where the facility will be.

Saint John councillor Donna Reardon wants the new location to have enough space for other potential developments nearby.

"When you drop $50 million into any uptown, any city, it's like dropping a boulder into a pond,” says Saint John councillor Donna Reardon. “You want to make sure there is room for those ripples."

The arts community says the museum would fit nicely in the historic district.

"It fits perfectly. I mean, we have the 19th century stock of buildings, why not have the museum here as well to tell that story?" Saint John Cultural Affairs officer Bernard Cromier says.

The long vacant coast guard base along the waterfront has been mentioned, as well as the former Lantic Sugar property.

But it is unclear how much environmental cleanup would cost at each of those locations.

Long wharf, where Irving oil began, is another potential site. The area was preparing for a new headquarters building eight years ago, but abandoned the project for economic reasons.

Real estate agent Jason Stephen says there are lots of possibilities, but he suspects the government already has something in mind.

"Long wharf's an option. There's options on King Street as well," says Stephen. "Like I said, I'm sure the province has this locked down. I can't imagine they would make an announcement like that without having something firm."

The province says it will need money from both the federal government and the private sector to make the new museum a reality.

A spokesperson for the museum would not say what possible locations are being considered or if the government has already identified a preferred site.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Mike Cameron.