Matt Minglewood says a freak accident has left him blind in one eye.

His legion of friends and fans in Cape Breton are shocked, but the legendary rock and bluesman says his shows will go on.

Mickey McNeil first met Minglewood on the ice during a hockey tournament.

News that the musician is now blind in one eye has many people worried.

“That's pretty serious and such a freak accident,” said McNeil, who is a friend of Minglewood. “What are the chances of that happening?”

According to a social media post from Minglewood’s wife, Barbara Batherson, it happened July 4 while in the family’s yard at their home in Glace Bay.

The two were gardening, when Minglewood tripped and fell into a bush. The branches caused facial lacerations, which required stitches, but the worst of it, Batherson says is the musician lost permanent vision in one eye as result of the fall.

“We're thinking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery of course,” said comedian Bette MacDonald. “He's the legend, come on.”

Minglewood himself took to Twitter on Wednesday, saying he's staying positive and that future shows are still a go.

That’s no surprise to MacDonald, who has shared the stage with Minglewood several times over the years.

“Well, it's shocking to hear that something like that has happened to someone that you know and care about,” MacDonald said. “But hearing that he's bouncing back really quickly, I'm not one bit surprised. He's incredible.”

As people in Minglewood's hometown of Glace Bay are hoping for a speedy recovery, well wishes are also pouring in online. CTV News reached out to Minglewood for an interview, but he's still recovering from his injuries.

“I'd say, when this is all said and done, matt will shine through it, because he's a performer,” said McNeil.

With his doctor's approval, Minglewood's wife says the shows will go on for what’s a busy summer ahead for one of Cape Breton's beloved entertainers.

His next scheduled show is at Ribfest in Sydney on Sunday.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.