It was a wintery mess in Moncton and there is still just under a month to go until it's actually winter.

Many Monctonians agree: it's too early for all this snow, especially after Mother Nature dropped 25 centimeters of snow on the city on Thursday.

Snow plows were out before dawn, clearing the way for what started as a messy commute for many.

Residents who chose to travel by foot say this storm should have waited until winter.

“One month too early this year. We're going to have a long yo-yo type of Christmas and holidays,” said Irene Comeau.

When storms hit the hub city, businesses are also affected, like hotels, who see both good and bad results.

“We do definitely have travellers that will stop off the highway, sometimes fill our hotel unexpectedly,” said

Hotel general manager Kim Gowan. “But then, on the other hand, we have people that will leave early or the flight cancellations.”

During power outages, staff say hotels become a popular place to go.

Perhaps the biggest inconvenience during these weather events?

“Parking can be a challenge for sure -- and snow removal,” said Gowan.

For some, all this winter weather is a welcome sight -- even in November.

“Yes, it's too early, but it's good, because I am from Switzerland and in Switzerland we have a lot of snow in February, so it’s beautiful to see snow for Christmas,” said Celine Burgisser.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kate Walker.