The family of a little girl still searching for her missing puppy is hoping cooler heads will help bring the animal home.

A Facebook page intended to help has now been taken down at the request of the Gouthro family.

Nicole Gouthro felt some of the comments on the page were getting out of hand.

Linda Head has been following the story of 10-year-old Alyssa and her missing dog Bailey since the Yorkshire Terrier ran away from a Christmas parade in New Waterford over a week ago.  

A passionate dog owner herself, Head agrees that comments online were starting to do more harm than good.

“People are pointing fingers,” says Head. “Aiming at certain people, certain things. They’re spending all that time doing that and nobody’s concentrating on finding a puppy for a little girl.”

The creator of the Facebook page has removed it from the site, saying the comments were becoming too much like a witch hunt for families who have a child with autism.

The dog’s owners are following anonymous tips that their puppy is with such a family, one that doesn’t want to give the dog back. However, they haven’t been able to confirm it.

Bailey’s family is not speaking publicly today, saying it is time the matter is handled by police.

Nicole Gouthro also feels that whoever has Bailey may feel more comfortable contacting her if things quiet down a bit.

The family still hasn’t filed a formal theft complaint, but police say they’re knocking on doors and acting on dozens of tips.

“It’s like any police file,” says Sgt. Barry Gordon of the Cape Breton Regional Police.

“We have to determine what is fact and what is rumour. We’re certainly following the facts down, doing everything possible that we can to try and locate this lost dog and at the same time, bring a happy ending to this story.”

Head says if anyone does know where the dog is, they should contact the Gouthros and bring an end to what had been an unwelcome holiday distraction for a little girl and her family.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ryan MacDonald