Here is a look at what we have coming up on the show tomorrow, April 17:

At 7:15 AM the folks from the Halifax Shopping Centre will tell us how they are working towards making the mall a more inclusive, welcoming environment for people on the autism spectrum. And at 7:45 AM our favorite florist Neville MacKay will join us with some festive Easter flowers.

At 8:15 AM we'll also be joined by our favorite little chefs from Bite Sized Kitchen to make some kid friendly Easter snacks. And at 8:45 AM naturopathic doctor Joyce Johnson will show us how to avoid throwing those temping treats into our grocery carts.

Katie will have a look at what’s ‘Trending Now’ – plus the entertainment news of the day.

Cyril will be making some delicious Lebanese food - hopefully we brings us back some!

Cyril will also have the latest weather every half hour, while Heather will have the top stories of the day – be sure to join us starting at 7 AM.

See you tomorrow!