Hope everyone had a great weekend! We’re back for Monday, May 25 with everything you need to know in local news, weather and entertainment plus these exciting guest segments:

Get your aprons ready! At 7:15 AM, chef Ben Kelly is back with another virtual edition of Kitchen 101. Then, with the weather getting warmer outside, we’re diving deep into the CML video archives at 7:45 AM for one of Katie Kelly's DIY segments on how to make your own backyard fire pit from scratch! 

In our second hour of CTV Morning Live Atlantic, are you tired of wearing pajama pants yet? Fashion expert Natalie Sexton joins us at 8:15 AM with her working-at-home style tips and advice. Then at 8:45 AM, Ana is catching up with a Nova Scotian artist who makes whimsical ‘Fairy Doors’ for her neighbourhood!

Ana is also heading to CFB Halifax where their Royal Canadian Electrical & Mechanical Engineers will challenge her to their spaghetti and marshmallow tower build! Plus, we’ll have our Monday-edition of #TrendingNow as well as a look at the top entertainment headlines of the day. We’ll also reveal the responses to our daily Quaran-tale Question to see how viewers are coping amid the pandemic. Ceilidh will also show us her Millar Monday Meme!

Amanda brings us the day’s top news stories, while Ceilidh provides current weather conditions in Atlantic Canada at the top of every half hour plus previews our work week forecast. Join us starting at 7:00 AM!

See you then!