FREDERICTON -- Spring flooding has already caused millions of dollars in damage to New Brunswick's roads and bridges, the province's transportation minister said Wednesday.

Claude Williams said crews are making repairs as quickly as possible, but it may take weeks to reopen some routes.

"Crews all over the province are doing some assessment and evaluations and doing cost estimates to look at repair or major construction," he said.

"Once we get all that information, decisions will be made as to when that can be done."

Williams said the province will apply to the federal government for financial assistance. The province can apply once damage has topped $750,000.

"We are documenting everything because every dollar that I can get from the federal government to invest on infrastructure will be more than welcome," Williams said.

River Watch officials said Wednesday that mild temperatures and significant rainfall were forecast across the entire province for the next two days.

They said residents in all regions should remain on alert for ice movement and rising water levels.

Public Safety Minister Bruce Northrup said crews have been quick to inspect homes that were flooded last week in the Sussex and Woodstock areas.

"We're trying to get people back to their normal way of life as quick as we can, but it is going to take time," he said.

Northrup said there is still a lot of snow in northern New Brunswick and ice jams remain in many rivers and streams.