HALIFAX -- A made-in-the-Maritimes brand is going national and getting some high-profile attention for raising funds for and awareness about mental health initiatives.

With an attention-grabbing name brand, the founder of Fog Off Clothing Co. hopes to spark a conversation.

“Don’t be afraid to talk about it, we’re all human, we all have some sort of fog.” says Tim Henneberry, founder of Fog Off Clothing Co.

Henneberry grew up on the coast of Nova Scotia and didn’t have to look far to find motivation to begin his own mental health movement.

“I’ve been at it for six years. I started as a small shop in Fisherman’s Cove in Eastern Passage,” explains Henneberry. 

“When you’re out on a fishing boat, and it’s a foggy day or stormy day, know you get in the fog, and the first thing you do is call a fisherman to help get you out of that fog. So, in perspective with mental health, it’s the same sort of thing. When you get into a fog, you use your voice and talk to someone.”

For Henneberry, that has included being open about his own challenges with mental health, and spreading the Fog Off message across Canada.

Ten per cent of all Fog Off profits go to mental health charities. 

Recently, Henneberry’s brand caught the attention of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

In October, Henneberry connected with the prime minister over Zoom to discuss the brand and their goal of raising awareness and funds for mental health initiatives.

“It’s just really wonderful to see the positive impact that communities coming together and doing the right kind of thing can have,” said Trudeau during their conversation.

The conversation covered everything from mental health community outreach, to the difficulties of operating a small business during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We talked a bit about his mom, and being a mental health advocate, and her struggle with depression,” recalls Henneberry. 

Henneberry is currently in Ontario operating his flagship store for Central Canada, and continues to pick up retail partners along with shoppers online.

“I grew up on the ocean, so it’s the total opposite, but I still feel the same kind of work ethic and hard work and so on,” Henneberry said to Trudeau. “It’s been a blessing to find the store and I hope to be here for many years and expand the brand across the country.”