The doors to IKEA's massive new store in Dartmouth will officially open Tuesday morning, and while some retailers will take a hit, others see the arrival of the Swedish furniture giant as a potential boost.

Kitchen and bath retailer Steve Ryan has been in the business for 30 years, but says he’s still anxious of what the grand opening will bring.

“It's been a concern for us for upwards of two years," Ryan says.

IKEA fully expects to be a destination store in Atlantic Canada from the moment the doors open.

"We're expecting thousands and then more through the day as people join us," says Christine Krochak of IKEA Canada.  

Ryan feels IKEA may knock some potential customers off the fence about purchasing a new kitchen, and he's confident he'll be able to compete with those who want a second quote before committing that kind of money.

“We don't feel it's going to hurt our business, it may enhance our business," he says.  

The biggest losers could be some of the other big box retailers.

“I would think that Costco might take a bit of a hit. Canadian Tire's got to be watching what's going to be happening here,” says Mount Saint Vincent University business professor Ed McHugh.

Experts say hotels and restaurants in Halifax will likely cash in as Atlantic Canadians flock to the store, and look for some rest and relief after their shopping.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.