A Glace Bay woman says neglect to one side of the duplex she lives in is now causing devastating damage to her home.

Kim Losier is only responsible for one side of the house, but says the other half remains vacant and is falling apart.

“They have no roof, so I have constant water damage in my son's bedroom. But the biggest problem is when they left they sold the oil tank. They didn't turn off the water and their pipes burst. It flooded in through the adjoining walls and ceilings,” says Losier. 

According to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, three brothers own one side of the duplex. But they've all passed away.

No one lives there anymore and no one is taking responsibility for the property. 

“We can't get a waver signed. It will ultimately go to council with a demolition order.” says Cape Breton Regional Municipality buildings manager Paul Burt.

The municipality says it could take more than two months before the process allows them to be able to demolish one side of the home. But before that can happen, Losier needs to come up with more than $30,000

“Basically when we knock down that half of the wall, the interior partition wall needs to be upgraded to be structurally sound, to be weather proof, to be insulated,” says Burt.

Losier says she doesn't have insurance because the only type available was to cover fire damage, and it is more than she can afford.

“I'm a single mom. I'm raising my son on my own. I work full time and I do the best with what I have,” says Losier. 

“I just want to cry. Some days I just want to pack up and walk away. If my neighbours can do it so easily, why can't I?”

Anita Ransome and her husband have stepped up to help. She says they've repaired what they can.

“With my husband, we have two incomes coming in and I can't even begin to imagine the financial stress on her,” says Ransome.

Friends are trying to raise money for her. Meanwhile, the CBRM says all they can do for now is secure the vacant unit.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.