HALIFAX -- While many Maritimers are already weary of the beginnings of another Atlantic Canadian winter, there's still magic in snowflakes if you're a new Canadian from a hotter climate. While it may have caused traffic jams and frustration, Thursday’s unexpected storm was a pleasant surprise for some new Canadians who experience their first-ever snowfall.

For international students, Victoria Ezeigbo, Showla Hossain and Rimby Goyal, it was an extraordinary experience that saw them dancing and rejoicing as fluffy flakes fell from sky.  

"It was magical,” says Ezeigbo, a student from Nigeria. “I've always dreamt of seeing the snow, so it was beautiful. I wanted to taste it – I did taste it. I've seen it in videos, pictures, movies, but it was my first time I was feeling it – it was amazing for me."

And her fellow classmates agree.

"Yesterday was the first when I actually saw the snowflakes,” says Goyal, a student from India. “Being a student at Nova Scotia College of Early Childhood Education, we have seen children drawing the snowflakes. I experienced it in a life environment why they are really loving snowflakes – because it's an amazing feeling."

Their excitement was also amazing for their teacher to witness.

"We teach them how to be early childhood educators here, so we talk about snow as beautiful for children’s' development and outdoor play and being able to taste it and feel it,” says NSCECE faculty coordinator, Emily Martinello. “Watching adults run outside and open their mouths to the sky and say 'ahhh' and capturing it on their hands and watching it melt when they've never seen that either – it's just so magical."

While many in HRM were scrambling to find shelter or trying to navigate the snow-covered streets on Thursday, the students were celebrating – capturing video of their jubilation – which went viral.

"I was jumping up and down – I was so excited,” says Hossain, a student from Bangladesh – who notes the snowfall had a cinematic quality. 

“The scenario was a romantic feeling where snowflakes were coming, and I would like to go on a date,” says Hossain. “When I went home, I told my husband it's really a beautiful loving scene; then he cooked a special dish for me – we all met together, and we danced."

Considering Thursday’s precipitation was the first major snowfall of the season, the group of students can expect more dancing in the near future – perhaps even a white Christmas.

"I think it's just the best time to be in Canada,” says Ezeigbo. “I've always dreamt of a white Christmas, and I'm here to experience it."