It’s not exactly the ‘Trudeaumania’ of the 1960s, but the frontrunner in the federal Liberal leadership race generated lots of excitement in Saint John today.

Justin Trudeau spent the day signing autographs and posing for pictures. Longtime Liberal Carol Maloney jumped at the opportunity to meet him.

“Because, I have his dad’s picture and I always put it in the family album and it’s becoming sort of family history,” says Maloney.

History is brought more than a few Maritimers out to see Trudeau.

“People remember my father, some positively, some negatively,” says the frontrunner. “This is more than just name recognition. It is very much about the fact that Canadians know we deserve better.”

With six weeks left before the leadership vote, the Trudeau has already gained a lot of support.

“Young, vibrant, smart and he loves Canada and he loves us,” says Liberal supporter Carol Fox.

Many Liberals seem to be gravitating to the Trudeau campaign in hopes he can change the party’s sagging fortunes in New Brunswick.

The party is down to one seat federally and was soundly defeated in the last provincial election, while former Liberal premier Shawn Graham resigned last week after being found in a conflict-of-interest situation.

Liberal veterans insist the tides are about to turn.

“You’re going to see tens of thousands of people joining the Liberal Party to support Justin Trudeau,” says New Brunswick Liberal MP Dominic LeBlanc.

“I’d like to listen to the other candidates, but I really like what he is saying. It’s getting back to the old Liberalism and back to the grassroots, which we desperately need,” says Maloney.

The Liberal hopefuls will be moving onto Halifax as they attend an all-candidates debate on the weekend.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Mike Cameron