HALIFAX -- It is illegal for anyone who isn't a Canadian citizen to vote in the federal election, but, Elections Canada has still registered many non-Canadians to vote in the upcoming election and says it takes data from multiple sources to compile this list.

In May of this year, Elections Canada said it would eliminate 103,000 people from the register because they are not Canadian citizens.

It's possible some may have voted illegally in the 2015 election. But despite that, there are non-Canadian citizens here in Nova Scotia who are still on that list registered to vote in just over two weeks from now.

"You must be a Canadian citizen in order to vote so the best thing to do to help Elections Canada improve the list and correct the mistakes is to either go to an Elections Canada office and say 'will you please remove me from the list, I'm not a Canadian.' or you can phone," said Francoise Enguehard of Elections Canada. "We have a 1-800 number and you will help greatly in making the list better."

Elections Canada says if you are not a Canadian citizen you should not be on the list. Those who violate the Canadian Electoral Act could face a fine of up to five thousand dollars, and even jail time.