Mohammed Chekkouri is one of many volunteers getting things ready for the FIFA Women's World Cup coming to Moncton next month.

“It doesn’t matter which sport, he is there,” says co-worker Philippe Saulnier. “He is there pre-games, during the games, and he is there after the games, so he is a gentleman that we don't have enough of.”

The Moncton FIFA venue manager says, without volunteers, events like the Women's World Cup would grind to a halt.

“Whether it be on the field of play, through the administration, as volunteers on boards, ultimately events such as the FIFA Women’s World Cup really are delivered by the volunteers that make it happen,” says venue manager Stephane Delisle.

Chekkouri's boss at the Universite de Moncton says Chekkouri came to him with a proposal a few years back.

“He started to do volunteer work and he asked me if that was alright, if he took hours sometimes during the day to do that kind of work and with the kind of effort he gives at the office, that was a no brainer,” says Chekkouri’s boss Denis Boucher.

Chekkouri says finding time to give back is a priority.

“I work fulltime at the university and to try to find the hours to give back to the community, working to do some volunteer work, but I think it’s going to be ok. It’s busy, but I like it. It’s fun to help the people,” says Chekkouri.

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