A makeshift memorial has been set up along Gottingen Street not far from the scene of a fatal collision last week.

Shortly before 3 p.m. on Friday, a truck struck and killed a man near the intersection of Prince William and Gottingen streets.

Little information is known about the victim, but those who knew him describe him as a beautiful man.

“We all used to get together,” said Marion Gibson. “That’s how we get to know each other around here. Everybody sees the same faces and we’re just like family going to the Soul Harbour mission.”

Gibson says she knew the victim for two years and she was shaken by what she saw.

“I still think of him and I can still see his body underneath the truck and that,” she said. “Everybody that knew him was very, very sad.”

Police are releasing very little information at this point, including the victim’s identity.

“We're not speaking to the information on the victim out of respect for the family, but our thoughts certainly do go out to the family at this difficult time,” said Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. John MacLeod.

Investigators have been speaking with witnesses, however police will not say if charges will be laid.

Gottingen Street recently underwent some changes to bus lanes and parking spaces.

Some residents, like Gibson would now like to see more done for pedestrians in the area.

“Down this end right here where the children are going to the Y and the library, we should have one of those humps across the street,” said Gibson.

Other residents say the area has a number of crosswalks, but for some reason many people choose not to use them.

“People don’t use them because they don’t want to bother walking to them is what I find,” said Donna Hatchard. “People will run across the street just so they don’t have to go.”

Motorist Al Goodyer said “there’s a lot of people that seem to just seem to step off the curb.”

More information about the investigation into last week’s fatal collision is expected to be released in the coming days.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Natasha Pace.