Mike Savage has won a second term as the Mayor of Halifax. According to the city’s website Savage had more than 61,000 votes or a little more than 68 percent of the vote. He defeated Lil MacPherson, who had more than 28,000 votes. Those numbers could change, as not every voting station has reported their totals.

“When you start thinking about people voting in a two person race, there’s lots of reasons not to vote for the incumbent,” said Savage. “Those are the things that go through your mind when you are the incumbent. People aren’t happy with a storm water charge, development issues in rural communities, or lots of different things. So I’m very appreciative of the support people have given me and I certainly won’t abuse it.”

MacPherson had mix feelings following the loss, comparing her election campaign to a marathon.

“I made this mayor run and I had 25,000 people vote for me which is really exciting. I think that’s wonderful,” said MacPherson.  “I’m excited because it’s over. I just ran a marathon and I’m pretty happy, pretty proud of myself.”

MacPherson says she’ll be going back to work now that the election is over, but wouldn’t rule out another attempt at politics in the future.