After a fire exposed deplorable living conditions in a rooming house in Moncton, RCMP and fire crews say there could be more than 100 squalid, dangerous homes in the area.

“Over the past several weeks we've unfortunately had several properties that came to our office,” said fire Chief Charles LeBlanc. “The reason they come to our office is because we've had complaints of fires in these buildings.”

Three rooming houses and apartments were shuttered because of unlivable conditions within the past week, and now another that saw roughly five people living without power will join the list.

Officials says it isn't just a safety risk for people living there, but for officers as well.

Patrick MacInnis was forced from his rooming house after a small fire last weekend, and says poor rooming houses are plaguing the area.

“The bathroom floor was leaking through to the kitchen,” he said. “The fridge was right below the bathroom, so it was leaking on top of the fridge. We tore down the ceiling, and there was mould all through it. It must have been leaking for years.”

According to Chief LeBlanc, many landlords opt for destruction, while others declare bankruptcy – leaving the city footing the bill, and officers to track down other rooming houses posing a risk.

“I'd just like a safe place to live in,” said MacInnis. “A clean place.”           

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Cami Kepke.