Another weekend has begun with what's become an all too familiar sight – another rainstorm in the already flooded Sydney area of Nova Scotia.

While rain-weary residents seem to have weathered the storm this time around, there's little doubt all this water is adding up.

"It's pretty rough,” says resident Sandra Wainwright. “I've been raking leaves for over a month now and filling up my bin. It just keeps coming."

Saturday marked the third significant rainfall in Cape Breton in the past four weekends. Residents are still trying to recover from the record 220 millimetre downpour on Thanksgiving that destroyed homes and infrastructure.

Despite water building up on the streets, the city hasn’t reported any major issues.

"We've been in a situation where we have rain seemingly every weekend,” said Christina Lamey, spokesperson for the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. “It's hard to start to get ahead of the repairs from the first incident."

Volunteers with the Samaritan's Purse are helping weather the storm inside by rebuilding a basement that was badly flooded on Thanksgiving.

"We're seeing, obviously, a lot of wet and ruined basements. But the big thing we see is the apprehension, and uncertainty of homeowners and residents of this community," said Stephen Joudry, manager of the Samaritan’s Purse Cape Breton program. 

Launa Canova lives in the home and is grateful there wasn't more damage.

"In 41 years, we've never had this much water here,” she says. “Hopefully we won't get this much rain again."

Many of those hardest hit have been expressing frustration lately, wondering when more help is coming in the way of government funding.

"We've been really clear from the get-go with the province that we need to find a solution for those residents as soon as possible,” says Lamey. “It's difficult for them and we don't want to see that."

With a new month about to begin, rain-weary residents will be all too happy to see the end of October – one of the wettest and most destructive months the Sydney area has ever seen.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Ryan MacDonald.