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Dart Mouth comic series by N.S. author and illustrator continues to gain popularity


Glen Carabin describes himself as a lifelong comic book enthusiast.

“Mostly Batman, and a lot of Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man,” said Carabin. “That’s what mostly got me into the comics.”

Several years ago, Carabin, a Cape Breton native who now lives in Eastern Passage, N.S., decided to pursue a new challenge: comic book, author and illustrator.

He has produced two comic books with a third one on the way.

“Dart Mouth is a guy and his real name is Bernie Wright,” said Carabin as he describes his Dart Mouth supernatural and superhero series. “And he, like everyone else, has struggles in life. He’s working. He has a family.”

Through a series of events in his life, the comic book’s central character goes through a transformation, and he becomes Dart Mouth.

“He may look like a sinister and evil character, but he’s born via the power of love,” said Carabin. “It’s the story of him growing and filling the cape, so to speak, of a superhero.”

Through the story arc of these two comics, written in graphic novel design, Dart Mouth serves the community of Dartmouth.

These comics are part of a planned trilogy.

“Three, 32-page books,” said Carabin, who noted the first two sold well. “Issue three is the conclusion, and it is about halfway done.”

Carabin hopes the success of his independently published comics attracts the attention of bigger name publishers.

“We can hopefully put it together as a graphic novel,” he said.

If that happens, Carabin will continue to tell illustrated and original superhero stories involving Dartmouth and starring Dart Mouth and share them with a larger audience.

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