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Opioid stronger than fentanyl seized in Halifax

The Halifax Regional Police is warning the public of a highly-potent synthetic opioid that was seized in the city more than a month ago.

According to a news release from police, officer seized a quantity of pills during an impaired driving investigation on Sept. 30. Health Canada confirmed the tablets are A Benzimidazole, a synthetic opioid similar to, but stronger than, fentanyl.

Police say this is the first seizure of this drug in the Halifax area.

The pills were shaped like white triangles with “DD” scored on one side and “8” scored on the other. Police warn someone who consumes the drug may need several doses of naloxone to counter an overdose due to its potency.

Anyone who consumes the drug should seek immediate medical attention.

Overdose symptoms include:

  • slow breathing
  • cold, clammy skin
  • severe sleepiness
  • snoring or gurgling noises
  • blue or grey fingers and lips
  • tiny pupils

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