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Water levels starting to fall after weekend flooding in St. George, N.B.


Areas in and around Saint George, N.B., are starting to see the water regress after residents woke up Easter morning to massive flooding.

“It’s a lot better today,” said Eastern Charlotte Mayor John Craig on Tuesday. “A couple days of sun makes a big difference.”

He says the water levels have receded a fair bit over the past 24 hours, and expects levels to return to normal by the end of the week.

There are still some houses surrounded by water. A special weather statement is in effect for much of New Brunswick (including St. George) with a storm that could bring upwards of 20 centimetres of heavy wet snow.

It’s something the municipality will be tracking closely.

“It is a concern because they keep changing the forecast of what we are going to get and how much so we really don’t know until we get it,” says Craig. “I don’t suspect it will be as bad as the last one because it looks like a mix of rain and snow together with some wind.”

The mayor adds he is more concerned about the wind knocking out power for residents during the incoming storm as opposed to more flooding. He believes upwards of 50 millimetres of rain would have to fall before any widespread flooding would occur.

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