Moncton-area RCMP were tight-lipped after reports of a stabbing at Moncton High School on Thursday afternoon.

Codiac RCMP say they were called to the area of Inglewood Drive and Royal Oaks around 1 p.m. for an altercation between two people -- both youths.

Mounties would not say the age or the gender of the people involved, just that one was taken to hospital and the other is in custody. They also aren't saying if the altercation was a stabbing or not.

Video was captured this afternoon at Moncton High School where you can see ambulances and police on scene. One person is being taken away in an ambulance. The principal of the high school sent an email home to parents saying: “there was an incident that occurred today at lunch hour, just off school property. The incident involved injury to one student by another student,” Moncton High School principal Mike Belong wrote.

BeLong assured parents that the situation was under control and all other students were safe.

The word on the street right now is that it was two boys from the high school involved in an alleged stabbing, but none of that has been confirmed by the RCMP.