The brother of a man murdered in Uniacke Square is speaking out about plans to put up security cameras in Uniacke Square.

Phillip Izzard’s brother, 58-year-old Terrence Patrick Izzard, was shot and killed on Nov. 14, 2016 near Gottingen Street. When the Metro Housing Authority issued a tender to install security cameras over parking issues, Phillip Izzard called them out.

“My brother was murdered. They say they put in the security cameras in for parking ban, but it ain't for a parking ban. It's for the recent crimes we've had in this neighbourhood,” Izzard said. 

Anti-violence advocate Quentrel Provo says the community should have been given a heads up.

"There's been crime all over Halifax, all over the city. Are we going to put cameras all over the city?" asks Provo.

The cameras that will be installed are already in place at other developments run by the housing authority.

“We're sensitive to those circumstances. That's not our area of expertise, dealing with violent crimes. We're in housing and providing services to our clients and tenants," said Jamie Vigliarolo, general manager of Metro Housing Authority.

Vigliarolo says the videoused to catch those parking illegally or dumping garbage could also be made available to police.

This tender is only the first step in a long approval process.The housing authority admits given the sensitivity of the issue, they should have talked to the community and specifically address any privacy concerns.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Marie Adsett.