A mysterious letter found at the Fredericton Public Library has piqued the interest of employees, bookworms, and paranormal investigators.

The document is giving new meaning to the term “ghost writer.”

“The spelling is atrocious, but it's hard to hold a pen if you're a ghost, so I understand that,” said library director Julia Stewart.

There's been a supernatural vibe coming from the Fredericton public library since a mysterious letter was discovered by an employee.

It begins with: “To the library, from your gost (sic).'

“It has a little bit more comedic value than your average note that we get,” says library assistant Ryan Chiasson.

The note continues: “I'm right here right now and I hant (sic) your library and you probaliy (sic) don't believe in ghosts but there (sic) real."

It finishes with “I just love the library.”

It struck a chord with Stewart.

“Well, I do have a little belief,” she said. “I grew up in some haunted houses when I was a little girl.”

Chiasson posted it to the library's Facebook page and it received 2,300 engagements in less than a day -- a lot more interactions than usual.

Though the library is used to receiving love letters from people who have discovered their community programs, this one was unique and made a splash. Employees started talking about why the letter was left, and who could have left it.

“We've debated what age we think the ghost is that wrote it,” Chiasson said. “The spelling errors have led the guesses ranging from eight or nine. Some people think it's a ringer and it's an adult writing with their left hand. I guess we'll probably never know.”

Employees are not surprised that he, or she, chose to visit here and they gleefully await the return of their friendly phantom.

“We hope they keep enjoying the library and that if they ever need any help with some spellcheck, we're here for them,” Chiasson said. “Hopefully, they stick around as long as they can.”

Stewart has a more specific wish.

“I hope he writes us another letter,” she said.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Jessica Ng.