LIVERPOOL, N.S. -- A 16-year-old Liverpool boy has been charged with criminal harassment following allegations of cyberbullying against another boy.

Amy Whynot says her 15-year-old son has been bullied for months, but last weekend some teens started a group chat and the bullying intensified.

Nova Scotia RCMP say a 16-year-old was charged Thursday following allegations that another boy had been harassed and threatened online and in person.

"Cyberbully is contacting anyone online. It's being mean or threatening anyone online. It's being mean or using text messages or any kind of electronic format. And that can include sending embarrassing pictures or pretending to be someone online, for example, hacking their account and doing things through their social media account," says Cpl. Jennifer Clarke of the NS RCMP.

Whynot shared 22 screen shots of a group conversation, in which a number of individuals make comments about the boy's body, his personal hygiene, and degrading comments about his mother and his girlfriend.

"They were saying that he's probably dead. One of them took a picture of a knife to the wrist and said he should kill himself," she said .

Whynot also alleges that someone has been hacking her son’s Facebook page and making hurtful posts about his family.

CTV news has not confirmed any connection between these allegations and the accused,

Amy Whynot says regardless of the outcome of the case she hopes this will inspire others to speak up about cyberbullying .

The accused has been released from custody until a June 7 appearance in Bridgewater provincial court, and told not to have contact with the alleged victim.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kayla Hounsell.