UPPER ONSLOW, N.S. -- It wasn't an easy decision, but after a parking lot attendant at the Riverbreeze Corn Maze in Truro, N.S., tested positive for COVID-19, the owner took to Facebook to let patrons know.

"It's a tough thing to do because you're putting yourself out there publically, and the reality is we had a lot of positive feedback thanking us for our open transparency," said owner Jim Lorraine.

Lorraine says the employee worked during Riverbreeze's nighttime Fear Farm event. He says the person is doing OK and is self-isolating.

"The chance of tranmission is low," Lorraine said.

Public health hasn't sent out a public notice about the Riverbreeze Corn Maze, but Lorraine thought his patrons should know.

"We felt it was right to let them know, and let them know you're probably OK, don't worry about it, monitor yourself."

Lorraine plans to keep his patrons updated, although the maze is now closed for the season anyway.

Nova Scotia Health says public notices are issued based on level of risk and to help identify any other potential contacts.

It has issued 33 notices of potential public exposure since the pandemic began.

Late Monday, it issued a notice for a Halifax gym because a member who was a close contactof a positive case had visited the City Centre Atlantic club on Oct. 26. It was not a confirmed positive case.

"It is reassuring for sure, obviously" said gym patron James Matthews. "You're looking out for anybody else who goes there, your friends, and you just want to make sure everybody is ok."