It's been less than two weeks since his inauguration, but one could argue no president in history has set off a social media firestorm quite like Donald Trump.

Now, a Maritime-run Twitter account that curates some of these opinions has gone viral.

Erica Baguma says she started the @Trump_Regrets account after she came across tweets expressing disappointment the president wouldn't be pursuing charges against Hillary Clinton.

“I was so shocked to see there were so many people feeling betrayed and I figured if so many people voted for him just for that one reason, then there are probably a lot of other single-issue voters, so I decided to start keeping track,” says Baguma.

The University of King's College student created the account in November, just days after Trump was elected. It's grown rapidly over the past two months and now has over 148,000 followers.

“It shows the power of social media and how quick something that resonates with people can really take off and get a life of its own,” says social media expert Ross Simmonds. “When I heard it was a local person, it just blew my mind, and I was pretty proud to know it was a Nova Scotian that created it.”

Simmonds says he isn't surprised to see the account take off.

“People are going to speak their mind and if they're able to retweet and get it out there for more people to see, people will continue to follow it, because it validates their belief that they shouldn't have voted for Trump, so that's why they’re following in the first place.”

TV personalities Mark Cuban and Rosie O'Donnell both follow the account and TV producer Dan Harmon and billionaire Chris Sacca have tweeted about it.

“It's cool, I mean, obviously it's not really me, I'm just retweeting people, but it's fun to kind of interact with people. Sometimes they'll tweet to me like, ‘Thanks for doing this,’” says Baguma.

She says she will keep the account going as long as people continue to tweet about their Trump regrets.

“There's no question that if Trump is sticking around for the next four years, then she has the potential to run this thing and grow it into a million followers over the next four years,” says Simmonds.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Allan April