Snowfall in New Brunswick has seen record amounts this season.

An Environment Canada weather station in Woodstock, N.B. is reporting the snow depth to be 60 centimetres. That’s nearly double the climate normal of 36 centimetres for the end of February.

“If you’re in an apartment, go to the third floor and that’s how much snow we have,” said Woodstock resident Vickie Graham.

Some New Brunswickers are embracing the snow, while others say they are ready for warmer temperatures.

“It would be nice to get it over with and back to warmer weather, that’s for sure,” said Woodstock resident Luke McBride.

Graham says she’s lived in the area for 22 years and hasn’t seen this much snow in a long time.

“It’s definitely a lot more, but you make the best of it,” said Graham. “We’re out on our walk, our daily walk. We go every day.”

“Oh, it’s crazy. We’ll get three months’ worth of snow in a weekend,” said McBride. “It’s a blast, really, just to climb up all the snowbanks.”

“It’s been a lot,” says Woodstock resident Sierra Hubbard. “There have been a lot of storms this year. It hasn’t really stopped snowing.”

In Edmunston, the snow depth is at 119 centimetres. This is the most snow the city has seen since 1980. 

Woodstock Public Work Crews say they plan for at least another two months of snow.

“This year, we got hit hard in November,” says Andrew Garnett, Director of Woodstock Public Works. “We got close to a foot of snowfall in November, and that trend has continued on for the months of December, January, and into February.”

Garnett added since the town doesn’t normally see snow that early, it’s making the season seem especially long this year.

“I do definitely anticipate that this year will be higher than last year. We’re pretty much at last year’s total,” said Garnett.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jessica Ng