The hospitality and transportation industries on the East Coast are being targeted in a new campaign to crack down on human trafficking.

Called Say Something if you See Something, it’s an effort by police in Halifax to educate workers in these two industries about how and where it happens.

“We know human trafficking occurs in hotels,” says VICE investigator Const. Tammy Lobb. “Everything from low end budget hotels, and high end luxury resorts and hotels.”

She adds no hotel is immune to it.

Const. Lobb points out victims of human trafficking are moved from city to city, province to province by air, bus lines, and even taxi services.

Originally launched in the United Kingdom, versions of the campaign have since rolled across Canada and the United States.

You can find more about it online.

The campaign teaches workers how to respond if they believe human trafficking or sexual exploitation is occurring at their workplace.

“A simple observation or call can make all the difference in the world to someone being sexually exploited or trafficked,” says Lobb.

The hope is by increasing awareness; victims can ultimately get the help they need.