A crowd of students is camped outside and inside the office of the president of NSCAD University, protesting the board of governors’ vote on a 37 per cent increase in tuition.

The sit-in started around 9 a.m. Thursday morning.

“(We’re) calling for a stop to the vote that's happening to increase tuition fees by 37 per cent, allowed for by the Liberal government's tuition reset,” said Michaela San of the Canadian Federation of Students.

Students say they've reached a breaking point. They say no increase is acceptable.

“This tuition increase is the difference between choosing whether or not they can eat or choosing whether or not they can afford their supplies to be able to go to classes,” said San.

Film student Yalitsa Riden say the $600 increase will drive students away.

“Education is already too expensive for a lot of folks. They can't come to school because they can't afford it with a three per cent increase happening every year.”

Students are hoping to meet with the university president in the coming days.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ron Shaw.