HALIFAX -- Nova Scotia’s back-to-school plan is coming next week and it appears students will likely be heading back to the classroom full time in September.

Education Minister Zach Churchill announced Thursday that his department will release its full plan next Wednesday.

“Our priority is to have students in school. We know that’s where they’re going to do their best. We know that’s best for families for a teaching and learning environment, so our priority is to have them in school,” said Churchill.

“But, of course, we do have to be responsive to the evolving situation with COVID-19, so, as I mentioned previously, we do have some fallback positions, either at 50 per cent capacity or all the way down to zero if the situation necessitates that.”

Nova Scotia schools have remained closed since March break in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Students continued their education at home during the pandemic, either online or with workbooks. The school year for students ended on June 5.

If students do head back to the classroom full time, it is expected physical distancing and enhanced sanitation protocols will be in place.

Teachers, parents and opposition MLAs have been calling on the Nova Scotia government to release a plan for the upcoming school year for weeks.

The Department of Education released a statement to CTV News on Wednesday, saying it has been evaluating the feedback it received from parents, students and teachers, as well as advice and direction from public health officials and the IWK Health Centre.