OXFORD, N.S. - Ground is slowly being lost in Oxford N.S. and it’s causing concern among members of the local lions club who have found themselves neighbors with a growing sinkhole.

Bruce Selkirk is a member of the Lions club, he says since the sinkhole first appeared on Monday, they’ve watched it consume three large trees, and it is positioned to soon swallow a forth.

“It's got to be a huge cavity down there, when it takes a 40 foot spruce tree like it flushed the toilet,” said Selkirk.

The unique sight has been drawing in visitors for a closer look, but many have ignored the fenced off area and approached the gaping hole.

Selkirk says they are losing six to eight feet per day, and he worries for the visitors who get too close.

"If you happened to be standing on there you wouldn't have a chance, Nobody could save you, you'd be gone," he said.

Groundskeepers say they have spotted cracks in the earth about three and a half meters away from the edge of the hole, and there is no telling just how large the sinkhole is going to get.

Since Tuesday the sinkhole has swallowed a second picnic table --  and now eyes are turning to the Lions Club building next door as nothing seems to be able to stop it.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Jonathan MacInnis