SYDNEY, N.S. -- Painful memories of a day Joneil Hanna's family will never forget were rekindled Thursday.

The Nova Scotia Police Review Board heard a timeline of events from the early morning hours of June 10th, 2018.

It was an emotional day for the family of the 17 year old Hanna, as they heard details about the timeline of events the morning their son died. But it wasn't only what was heard inside the hearing that had the family upset.

"I understand there were some unfortunate comments made on Facebook pertaining to his death that is quite hurtful to the family," said lawyer LauraMcCarthy, who is representing the Hanna family. "So it's been unfortunate in that sense dredging up some difficult feelings."

Sgt. Mike Somerton told the Nova Scotia Police Review Board that social media tied up resources during their investigation.

He says people wanting to add "their two cents." most of which was third- and fourth-hand information.

McCarthy has focused on underage drinking the night of the graduation party, and why police let the driver of the vehicle that struck Joneil Hanna go home without taking a statement.

"One concern was (Hayden) Laffin was speaking with officers, but he was released without consulting with other officers about whether he should or shouldn't be released," McCarthy said.

Somerton told the board Thursday it is normal to take statements at a later date. He says Laffin was emotionally upset and at the time police were unsure if Joneil Hanna had been stabbed or hit by a vehicle.

Laffin was originally charged with obstruction of justice for lying to police, but that charge was eventually dropped by the Crown.

Police have said Laffin showed no signs of impairment.

"The family has been waiting a while to really receive answers about the investigation and really understand how the investigation unfolded," McCarthy said.

The hearing will wrap up on Tuesday but before that the board will hear from two more sergeants with the Cape Breton Regional Police Service, before closing arguments are made.